Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is a note to the dentists on dentaltown about why there is not much research done on Behcet's and particularly on the relationship of Behcet's to dentistry.

There was one study done a while back on Sickle Cell Anemia and pulpal necrosis. It was done by some doctors in Turkey. I emailed him and said that he is trying to do a similar study with Behcet's. (Behcet's is many times over more common in Turkey than in the US) He had recently changed universities where he is working and is trying to talk them into getting the necessary equipment. But it sounded like it will be quite a way in the future. The lack of research on this has several reasons.
1.Behcet's is rare. There not that much research done on the disease in general. It is hard to get a large population and there is not much money in it. Orphan diseases have a hard time getting funding.
2. Physicians don't work with dentists in research much. Recently that gap has started to be filled with the heart disease, stroke and periodontal health connection. But millions of people have perio and heart attacks and strokes are easy to get people concerned about.
3.When ever there is a new concept presented in science, medicine, or dentistry that is unproven, there is questioning and skepticism. And rightfully so. The line between a quack and a pioneer in medicine and dentistry is a fine line. But hey, the famous Mayo Clinic partly got its start from practicing that radical idea that you should wash your hands between surgeries.

I don't know if I am right or not. I just think that with the experiences that I have had that it would be well worth looking into or at least just considering and noticing what your patients with autoimmune diseases say about their teeth.


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